Preble Penny *SOLVED*

Preble Penny *SOLVED*



Solving the Mystery of Preble Penny: A Twist in Forensic Science

In an extraordinary convergence of forensic innovation and community effort, the enigma surrounding Preble Penny has been unraveled, revealing surprising twists and showcasing the impact of collaborative endeavors like those of Moxxy Forensic Investigations and the philanthropic contribution of Criminal Coffee Co. This narrative isn't just about cracking a cold case; it's a showcase of modern technology, social media power, and community involvement in transforming the landscape of forensic investigations.

The Puzzling Case of Preble County

This tale begins with the discovery of unidentified remains in Preble County, Ohio, shrouded in mystery for years. The small stature of the remains led investigators, including the Shelby Police Department and the Preble County Coroner's office, to believe they belonged to a female, earning the name 'Preble Penny' or 'Penny Doe.' Despite their best efforts, the case resisted resolution, leaving a lingering question mark in the annals of unsolved mysteries.

Forensic Breakthrough: A Game-Changer

Moxxy Forensic Investigations stepped into this enigmatic scenario, armed with state-of-the-art forensic science. Their use of investigative genetic genealogy, a transformative tool in cold case resolutions, breathed new life into the investigation. This approach, blending DNA analysis with genealogical research, has revolutionized the identification process in forensic science.

Preble Penny Remains

Criminal Coffee Co's Vital Contribution

In a unique display of community involvement, Derrick Levasseur and Stephanie Harlowe of Criminal Coffee Co stepped forward, providing critical financial support to Moxxy's forensic endeavors. This act of corporate social responsibility was instrumental in propelling the investigation forward, highlighting how community and business partnerships can significantly impact law enforcement and forensic investigations.

The Unexpected Revelation: Albert Allen Frost

The investigative prowess of Moxxy Forensics culminated in a stunning revelation. The remains, long thought to be of a female due to their small stature, were identified as those of a male, Albert Allen Frost. This unexpected twist underscored the complexity and unpredictability inherent in forensic investigations and demonstrated the power of investigative genetic genealogy in unearthing the truth.
Albert Allen Frost

Social Media's Amplifying Role

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter were pivotal in this case, serving as conduits for awareness and public engagement. The digital community played an active role through posts, comments, and shares, evidencing the significant impact of social media in modern-day forensic investigations.

Honoring the Memory of Mary Jane Croft

The story also touches on Mary Jane Croft, previously identified as Jane Croft VanGilder, adding an emotional layer to the investigation and highlighting the interconnectedness of lives in the world of forensic science.

Conclusion: A Story of Collective Success

The resolution of the Preble Penny mystery is a testament to the power of collective effort, advanced technology, and unwavering human determination. The combined efforts of entities like Criminal Coffee Co, Moxxy Forensics, and the Shelby Police Department have set a new standard in solving cold cases. The narrative serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that even cases with the most unexpected twists can find resolution in the light of modern science and community collaboration.

In summary, the case of Preble Penny stands as a compelling example of the advancements in forensic science and the essential role of community and corporate involvement in bringing long-awaited justice and closure to cold cases.

Preble Penny 

In case you missed it, we're teaming up with Intermountain Forensics, Moxxy Forensic Investigations, and the Shelby Police Department to hopefully solve this case. We hope that the “Preble Penny” case is the first of many cases that we will have a positive impact on. Criminal Coffee is not just a coffee brand – it’s a mission. And that mission is to provide the funding necessary to solve as many cases as possible.
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  • Who: Preble Penny
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30-50 years old
  • When: May 25, 1968
  • Where: Eaton, Ohio
  • Donated: $5,000
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