Agent X Bio

Agent X Bio

From her very first memories, all Agent X knew was pain, torment and fear.

She was born in the land of Triumphia, a powerful empire ruled by a totalitarian government whose main priority was protection of the realm at any and all costs. At the head of this regime stands one man, a ruthless and paranoid tyrant, who used the power and money he stole from his people to amass a colossal army of mercenaries; nameless, faceless soldiers that could be sent out into the world to do his bidding. Each family of Triumphia is required to pledge one child to this army, known as The Malum, and at the time of birth, the promised infant is ripped from their mothers arms and sent away to a sprawling facility called The Citadel. It was here where Agent X was taken as an infant, it was here where she was psychologically and systematically broken down so that she could be recreated into the standard obedient and callous soldier.

She was trained in hand to hand combat and martial arts from the time she could walk, she was given a vast education on every weapon known to man, from physical to biological, from the moment she could grasp her fingers around a dagger. And she was given no name, no identity, no purpose other than to do as she was instructed, so that when the time came she would be able to transform into anyone, a flawless chameleon.

As she grew from a frightened child into a dispassionate young woman, Agent X came to find comfort in the daily routine of The Citadel. Every morning she rose with the sun and devoured a small breakfast, accompanied by a steaming hot cup of black coffee. She would then join her fellow Malum recruits in a large expanse of open field that they came to call The Gauntlet, where they would be required to participate in a variety of assessments that ranged from working together as a team to overcome an obstacle, to fighting the friends that they had grown up with, sometimes to the death. It has been said that the dry grass which grows on The Gauntlet developed its dark pink color from the blood of fallen Malum, the unlucky ones who were not fast enough or strong enough. But Agent X was fast, and she was strong, and soon she would be called from the Citadel to kneel in front of her master, the cruel ruler of Triumphia.

Agent X is about to be given her primary assignment, a task that would for the first time in her life, bring her outside the gilded borders of her homeland, thrusting her into a world that was not ready for her.

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