Helen Bio

Helen Bio

Her entire life, Helen knew what it took to succeed: keep your head down, work hard, and be strong for the people you love. Growing up in Garland Grove, she saw violence everywhere she turned. Her parents encouraged her to stay in school, but their struggles with addiction meant they weren’t always around. Helen saw the power of drugs, for good and for evil, and she vowed that she would always take care of her own.

After fighting her way through medical school and residency in the nearby city of Salemville,  Helen became a general practitioner and medic. She survived on coffee and her commitment to her family, including her fiance Sam. But no matter how hard Helen tried, the sickness in Garland Grove just got worse.

When her old friend Chase broke his ribs during a case, Helen asked him about the corruption in Corver City: the way the citizens went to work like zombies, the trash accumulating in the streets, the lack of rehabilitation programs, and the silent battles with starvation and poverty. Chase told Helen about DarkWinds, about his father’s death, and about Sebastian’s stronghold over the area. He asked her to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, and report back to him. After working together for several months, Chase asked Helen out. She tried to let him down easily. Chase seemed embarrassed, and they didn’t talk for several months, since Helen got busy with work.

Now, Helen is tired of fixing things that are permanently broken. She has her eyes set on Valentine Village, the well-to-do gated community, which requires a hefty deposit to get in.. Helen wants to get married and raise a family in a safe place with a good education. If she can’t get her dream life in Valentine Village, then maybe she can work with Chase to stop the rot in Garland Grove, one case (and cup of decaf coffee) at a time.

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